Saturday, March 19, 2016

An Easter Challenge


Easter is one of the most celebrated events in the world today.
In fact, many people will attend a church service at Easter
and at Christmas who otherwise would never go to church.
Certainly there must be something missing otherwise you would
see many of these same people return to further church services.
What could that missing factor be that keeps them from wanting
more?  I believe that these visitors have never really had their
eyes opened to truly see who Jesus is.

The Bible has instances of this very thing happening.  One such
instance is found in Luke chapter 4 where there is a story of two
men traveling down the road to Emmaus.  Jesus joins these two
men and yet they didn't recognize Him.  They had a powerful
discussion and Jesus explained many things to them.  Yet, it wasn't
until they sat down to eat and God opened their eyes that they
really saw Jesus and recognized Him.  In fact, they said, "were
not our hearts burning within us while He was speaking to us."

Anther instance was when Jesus appeared to some of the disciples
as the Risen Lord but Thomas was not with them.  This is found
in John 20 verses 24 to 29.  When they later tried to explain to
Thomas that they had seen Jesus and that He had risen from
the dead, Thomas would have none of it.  Thomas said that he
would not believe until he could touch the wounds of Jesus in
His hands, feet, and side.  And that is exactly what happened when
Jesus appeared again.  After touching Jesus' wounds, the eyes of
Thomas were opened and he exclaimed, "my Lord and my God!"

This Easter as always, many people will visit our churches.  They
will go through the motions and probably hear a lot about Jesus
and how He overcame the grave.  Yet for most of them their eyes
will not be opened to be able to see who Jesus really is- the
Resurrected Lord!  Until God opens their eyes they will not and
cannot see.  That means that we, as Christians, have a big challenge
before us.  We need to earnestly pray for these visitors. that God
will touch their hearts and open their eyes.  Maybe for the first
time in their lives they will be able to see who Jesus really is.

So here is my challenge to all Christians this Easter.  Don't look
for what you can get out of your Easter service.  Get focused on
others.  Invite as many people as you can to join you at church
this Easter.  People who don't normally go are open at this time.
Then pray for them like crazy.  Pray that God will open the eyes
of all the visitors.  Pray that they will see for the first time that
Jesus is the Resurrected Lord and that He overcame hell, death,
and the grave.  That He has the power to totally turn their life
around.  Will you accept the challenge?

Have a wonderful Easter.  Jesus is risen!  He is risen indeed!